Registering your copy

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After the 30 day trial period, you will have to purchase a licence and register your copy to carry on using all the functionality.

Purchasing a licence

Licences can be purchased at Depending on your company needs, there are several options available. Payment can be made online using the website.

Registering your software

Once you have purchased your licence, you will need to register your copy and obtain a licence file.

Open the application, go to the switchboard and click the 'Register now' button.

To register, you must first enter your details.  Fields with asterisk signs are compulsory.

Once completed, click the register button

A registration file called 'register.txt' will be produced and will be located in your application folder.

Please send the file to

We will process your query and send you a licence file called 'RHSSoft.lic' that you will need to place in your application folder.