View surveys

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The 'View Survey' button on the switchboard enables you to view all sites and print them.  It will not allow you to change data or perform analyses. To edit data, go to the switchboard, select a site and press 'edit'.

Coordinates choice and displaying data on online maps

You can view data on maps using the button above.

You will be offered a choice of online providers for displaying your site. The list provided is a function of the coordinate system and geographical location.  You can edit the list and add online providers.  To do so, click on the edit icon that will appear at the bottom of the dropdown list and an edit form will open.  Then:

You can also highlight features and pressures by pressing the relevant button.  All engineering pressures present will be highlighted in red and natural features in green (see below).  This enables the quick identification of features and pressures of interest.

Pressures are highlighted in orange (present)  and  red (extensive)

Features are highlighted in light green (present)  and  dark green (extensive)