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RHS Mobile Android app

The RHS Mobile Android application can be downloaded at the following address: Click here to download the RHS Mobile app

Installing the RHS Android app

To install the application on your mobile, you need to download the RHS_Mobile.apk file and save it on a shared drive you can access with your Android tablet or smart phone.

Open your phone and select the RHS_Mobile.apk file and open it. It will start the application installation process.  It may come up with a series of warning messages depending on your phone security settings.

RHS mobile app

With the RHS Mobile Android app, you can input RHS data in the field using your mobile phone or an Android tablet

With the RHS Mobile app, you can input the coordinates from your GPS as well as take photos that are properly referenced. The app is structured like the RHS form and allows you to input data whilst taking photographs and GPS coordinates using your mobile phone camera and GPS.

It has a quality control procedure looking for missed or empty fields.

Once you have quality checked your data, you can export them to the RHS Toolbox along with the photographs. The RHS Mobile application will offer you the option to send your files by emails or save them to a folder such as Dropbox.  To import the files, follow the instructions here: Importing data from the RHS Mobile application