Map of RHS sites in Britain

A map of existing Environment Agency River Habitat Survey (RHS) sites carried out from 1997 to 2012 in Britain is now available in the ‘RHS map’ section.


The map displays basic information on survey points along with score results for 2 habitat quality indices describing the level of modifications and impacts by human activity (the Habitat Modification Score – HMS) and the diversity of habitats (the Habitat Quality Score – HQA). The HMS classes can be displayed as a thematic map.

The map was built using the OS OpenSpace API interface and includes background Ordnance Survey maps down to 1:10000 scale OS StreetView level.

Depending on demand and the availability of RHS data to the public, more information on individual sites may be made available in the future. If you have any suggestions or questions, please use the discussion forum ‘Website’ section (you will first need to register to get access to the forum).

Detailed information on RHS surveys can be obtained from the Environment Agency RHS team. Any questions, please use the discussion forum.

You can also follow new developments on tweeter @riverhabitats.