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RRC in collaboration with the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, have been working to create a new, free application to record River Habitat Survey (RHS) sites in the field, using your smartphone. It works on Android phones and tablets, and the simple interface makes it easy to input data similar to how you would have originally completed the paper form. Just work your way through the sections on the App, filling in information at each Spot Check, recording the number of riffles, pools and bars, before carrying out the Sweep Up assessment of the overall reach. The user can also take photographs to be added to the survey, and the data can be exported to the RHS Toolbox and RAPID2 software.

Download the RHS Mobile Android App (3.3 MB) :

RHS App interface


River Habitat Survey App — 8 Comments

    • It would be great to do an IoS version. We will see whether that can be done. It all depends on available resources and funding. This app is the result of a collaboration between Portugal and the UK with the help of two talented students.

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    • Well, I am using it on my mobile and the version has not changed in 2 years. I can send you a link to another download source if you want but my guess is that it is your security settings that basically trigger that.

    • Hi Daniel,
      No there is not and the code to upload is a bit out of date and would require some modifications. We have not had time to update it unfortunately.
      The export basically produces a text file with SQL queries to update the RAPID database. You would havve to copy and paste the queries in RAPID and run them.
      Best wishes

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