Reports and publications based on RHS.
Below are a series of reports and publications related to the River Habitat Survey.
The first 2 reports provide examples of applications of RHS towards catchment management and species surveys.
The next 2 publications give examples on how RHS and other datasets might be used by conservation organisations to investigate the links between pressures, habitats and pressures and develop habitat management tools.
The following 2 publications are examples of the application of RHS towards describing habitats for species.
The last report is a survey methodology developed to complement the RHS.

Creation of Natural Assets Registers Using River Habitat Surveys


RHS and waterways breeding bird surveys (1998-2000)


Integrating monitoring, expert knowledge and habitat management within conservation organisations for the delivery of the water framework directive: A proposed approach 2011
Integrating ecology with hydromorphology: a priority for river science and management 2009
A spatial analytical approach for selecting reintroduction sites for burbot in English rivers 2011
Principles of using River Habitat Survey to predict the distribution of aquatic species: an example applied to the native white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes 1997

GeoRHS report (more reports are available from the Environment Agency website)


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